"The Can't Go Outsiders" Mask

Stay Gold and Stay Safe
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4 Designs. And more coming…

Stay safe with Ponyboy and the rest of the Greasers.

Comfortable and light enough to wear to the summer rumble while protecting the ones around you.


$15 each

Wear the whole gang with the “Stay Tuff” design.

Don’t get caught in a rumble you can’t win. Do it for Johnny!


$15 each

No jazz before the rumble.

Safety for both sides of the track. This one should come in Madras.


$15 each

Nurse Hinton Mask

Just what the doctor ordered!


$15 each

Take a look at what’s coming your way.

More designs to choose from!


T-Shirts, Stickers, Masks, and more.
All with custom-designed graphics.

Johnny & Dally playing card

“Stay Gold, Bitches!”

Nurse Hinton

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